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Etienne de Mendes

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What do you want to know?
If you think for one moment that my religion, politics, age, height, weight, or the genitalia hanging on my body make a bit of difference regarding my ability to write novels or this blog - I'll take issue with you.

Author of:
The Return of the Phantom
The Season of the Witch
The Tale of the Bloodline
The Disciples of the Night
and soon, The Theater of the Lost

This "blogorama" started on Dec. 7, 2010. If you want to read from the beginning, go to the archived material. Good Luck!
Name: Etienne de Mendes <etienne@returnofthephantom.com>

Location: United States - Rhode Island

  • Negative women
  • Men who sound like negative women
  • The drooling green Internet troll authoring the Phantom Project.