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Tuesday, February 20th 2018

9:33 AM

Baby Frankenstein #4

Our favorite little tyke closed up his hot dog cart for the day. Seated in the corridor on an abbreviated vinyl couch, he waited for his father, the illustrious Dr. Frank, to come fetch him. The hospital's chaplain happened to spot him.

Opening up a Bible, the man quoted, "And Jesus said to John, 'Come forth and receive eternal life.'"

Baby Frankenstein's eyes brightened. "I've already been granted a second chance at life. If I come in fifth can I win a toaster?"

Shocked by the boy's humble nature and the obvious play on words, the adult chuckled. "Not a toaster, but you've won my admiration."

With a sigh the younger added, "With a toaster I could offer Pop Tarts at my cart."

Lesson: First, see the person and acknowledge them with a greeting. Meet them at their level, not yours.

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