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Monday, February 12th 2018

8:45 AM

Baby Frankenstein #3

LIfe's LeSsons from a different perspective. Baby Frankenstein in manning his little hot hog cart when a nurse passes by. "Be back later for a treat," she hollers hurrying on to administration. Ten steps down the corridor, she stops and heads back to the cart. Her voice, barely more than a whisper, "The sutures on you left cheek are unraveling."

The child-of-rescued parts smiles weakly, shrugging his shoulders. "I was breaking-in my right cheek muscles. Trying to get them stronger, more moveable!" He reaches to a shelf under the cart and produces a sewing kit, mirror, and spray bottle of antiseptic. "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!" He immediately starts mending himself.

The nurse smiles, "Well, a stitch in time saves nine! Maybe your arms or your hands came from a tailor."

Pulling needle thru reclaimed flesh, Baby Frankenstein responds, "I'm honored to think so, a tailor practices a worthy trade - shows a dedication to accommodate and lift a customer's spirits."

The nurse reaches into her pocket and pulls out several individually wrapped gauze packets. "You'll need these to dab...but not to cover. You wear your stitches well."

(Our scars, as well as our smiles, make us who we are.)

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