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Wednesday, February 7th 2018

1:59 PM

Baby Frankenstein #2

Life's lessons from a different perspective: Baby Frankenstein likes this hospital environment. He actually thrives within its atmosphere of acceptance and promotion of health. He asks the administrator if he can set up a little food cart outside the cafeteria...just for quick on-the-run snacks. He obtains permission and in a couple of days has a shiny steel cart with a colorful arched banner. FRANKS N' STEIN $5.

His first customer, a pharmacist, asks, "What kind of hot dogs?"


"What's in the stein?"

"Root beer and you get a free lollypop."

"You're quite the entrepreneur. Dessert included, eh? Can't beat that!" And the pharmacist, a congenial fellow, happily plops down the money. "You've got some fearsome scars, son! There are some creams that might help."

"I'm made from rescued parts. People who donated their bodies to science."

The customer swallows his surprise, "I had no idea your Dad was so into recycling."

Baby Frankenstein offers a humble little bow and extends his wrist. "Feel my pulse. Living proof that for me it's not so important what went before...what matters is what I can become."

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