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Monday, February 5th 2018

7:47 AM

Baby Frankenstein

Life's lessons from a different perspective: Dr. Frank 'adopts' a young son. Let's say he's three years of age, grotesque facial scars, greenish pallor to his skin, obvious steel bolts on the sides of his neck. He's small, but sturdy, a climber with real muscular strength. A curious little tyke. Dr. Frank is a widower and brings his child to the hospital while he makes rounds. The nurses and other medical staff enjoy the boy; he's intelligent and likeable despite his outward appearance.

One morning, instead of trailing after the staff as they go about their duties, he sits in a corner. Head drooping down, somewhat sleepy. A dietician passes by and asks, "Would you like some juice?" The child raises his head, opening one eye. "I think you could use some juice!" And with that assertive pronouncement the man marches off to obtain the liquid.

Baby Frank gets up. Locates a defibrillator and charges up the device. (He's seen the staff do this every morning when they check the machine.) He smacks the paddles, one to each of his neck bolts, and zaps two electric arcs that blow him across the room. Hitting mid-wall, he slides down to the floor. Sitting on his tush, smiling wryly, he is now fully alert!

Lesson: In life the right kind of juice is everything.

PS - Yes, I finally reorganized my front closet. It's clean and sprayed for insects. Donated clothing and items no longer in use. Recharged, I can now move forward to clutter it up again. Ha!

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