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Thursday, June 15th 2017

7:16 AM

Beyond the Door

Hesitating for a moment, Etienne heaved a heavy sigh.  It must be done.  He opened the door to the hall closet.  A cluttered jumble, a tangled accumulation of strangely familiar objects greeted his eyes.  Yes, indeed!  He'd stuffed quite a number of articles into this darkened void.  His eyelids lowered, blocking the sight of his own creation.  He winced, nostrils flaring.

Emanating from the detritus of past endeavors rose an odor.  Dust?  Sweat?  A combination of both with a touch of... pukey mold thrown in?  What an idiot!  His eyes flew open.  Really there wasn't an inch of free space.  (Well, a scarce twelve inches above the tightly occupied shelf remained free.)  It must be done!  God, country, and room to hang a jacket!  His hand reached for the tangled mass.  Wait!  I need light!  Insects, rodents, something unforeseen might lie within... 

He wisely envisioned a host of invaders assembled within this makeshift menagerie.  Creatures that bite and scurry away  - afraid to stand in battle against a usurper.


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