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Saturday, January 7th 2017

12:23 PM

Dream Content

Yesterday an associate asked me what I dream about.  Most of my dreams focus on the pressurized details of relocating one's home, but in last night's offering a group of us were putting on a play.  The harrows of memorizing lines, piecing together intricate costumes, and coordinating rehearsals caused me to run from one imaginary room to the next.  Laughing amidst a stream of brightly colored backdrops, I yo-yoed from elation over the project to frustration with sleepy-headed fellow thespians.  The stream of encounters exhausted me.  I shouted, "Wake up" to myself.  Consciousness arrived after 9 am.  Interesting turn of dream-subject.  There's a play contained in the fifth novel.  Think this is a subconscious message?  Like: Etienne, get on with publishing The Theater of the Lost!   

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