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Tuesday, October 18th 2016

8:39 AM

A World Drought

Are we in a period of emotional dryness?  An especially prolonged era where the primary forethought reads: "What's in this for me?"  The lack of personal benefit equaling a distancing of self, or worse, a false sense of assurance.    "These events are happening to 'them'"; or "I'm secretly glad this doesn't involve me."  I was sitting in a group of teachers and counselors when the question of mood altering drugs arose.  A round table show-of-hands revealed that only two of us (myself and a rather astute teacher) were the only ones not on some form of tranquilizer.  Granted these are complex and draining times.  Have we the courage to stay invested in life?  I certainly hope so.  Retreat?  Only when drawing our last breaths.    

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