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Monday, October 17th 2016

4:53 AM

Going Home

Within our Basket of Admonitions there's an old saying: You can never go home.  I beg to differ.  A person can travel to the locale.  Overall topography will remain unchanged, many of the same structures might still be standing, the smell of the air, the way the light hits the trees in autumn...these will stir remembrances.  What is true about the phrase is the subtle caution it provides regarding human relationships.  They are dynamic and in a constant state of flux.  I've often observed that people are busy either ascending to more constructive planes or descending onto less productive levels.  The latter all too often like a spiraling dive out an airplane.  An exhilaration fraught with danger.  Climbing upward to happy enlightenment, worth the effort to some, stays a less common occurrence.  My grandfather used to tell me that it takes years to build something good and the result can be destroyed in only a minute.  He was right of course.  So I'll continue striving toward ascent.  

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