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Friday, May 20th 2016

8:05 AM

Literary Content

The header section of my website announces a series of adult novels.  I don't write for children.  My novels address the primordial needs (hopefully defined by plot) of mature human beings.  Psychologists define three basic needs: eating, sleeping, and procreating.  Since we are a higher species than sharks, I would argue that calculating how to ensure safety be included at this most primitive level.  Makes sense to me.  To give fair warning to the more prudish among us, I asked the webmaster to include the words 'Gothic Horror' and 'Erotica' in the website's header.  To me there is nothing pornographic about describing human intimacy, especially when the acts are shared between consenting adults.  Some would simply define these behaviors as romance; I do promote courtship and foreplay, as well as meeting a partner's needs. But as I said, to be clear I requested the word 'Erotica'.  There's a good deal more than kissing and holding hands in my novels!  Perhaps the term drew the attention of these child pornographers.  Still, there is a clear admonition not to post an advertisement in the Guestbook without my permission.  On a more positive note, I'm happy to help my readers promote their literary offerings, crafts, artwork, etc. Just let me know. 

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