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Sunday, August 9th 2020

10:08 AM

Deal With It

Dear people of unknown origin who are reading this blog,

Whew! That was a long salutation, but well worth it. Here's a thought. When faced with a frustration, (like pulling weeds that just keep returning, or conversing with people that simply won't listen to common-sense), don't throw your hands up in surrender. Don't say to yourself, "Why not give up? It is, after all, easier to walk away!"

True, but you and I are missing an opportunity. Not too long ago, actually yesterday, a friend advised me to view the frustration as a challenge. Buck up and try a different approach. I did. Today I smiled at the aggravating offender and offered them a piece of hard candy. (Note the difference changing an nd to an r makes.) I managed to move from offend to making an offer. Relations improved. Lucky me. Now what? I think I'll preload a simple joke into my brain. Find out if I can make this individual chuckle.

Of course, this 'make an offer approach' doesn't work with pulling weeds. For that frustration I'll pause and praise myself for the good work. Maybe give myself a piece of candy.

Holding it together,


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