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Friday, July 24th 2020

5:19 AM


Every time I watch the news I'm filled with almost full-on wonderment. It's not my intention to make this blog political, but one could reasonably suppose that an individual (moi) with years in the medical field could only stay silent for so long. Straight upfront, I'm an American citizen and registered as an independent voter. Yes, I try to pick the most reasonable candidate for the job. I voted for John McCain (we all know where that went), and I voted for Obama in his second run. Bingo - an independent voter.

In my opinion, given the past three-and-a-half years of Republicans running both the Oval Office and the Senate - we, as a country, are in deep dodo. In my world, integrity and truth are not optional qualities. They're mandatory. We need sanity and strong medical advice. "Make America Sane Again" is an excellent aspiration. It's become my mental mantra.

So, let's not accept anything other than the best our government has to offer. We the people, are in a sweeping Pandemic! Two-hundred-thousand dead, and millions more sick. We, the people, need adequate physical - mental - and spiritual support! And we need it now. Now! If aging white Caucasian men can't deliver on those basic items, I say, vote them out! And a big time, "Bye-bye! Don't call us, we'll call you!"

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